WaterHubs is a modular infrastructure solution for urban slums. The modular blocks, which are integrated, offer provision of community services (toilet, shower, health services, education etc), water treatment & supply, energy & nutrient recovery, organic waste recycling etc.

Akin to a biological engine WaterHubs manufacture biological products thereby enhancing recycling and systemic efficiency. The system thus solves varied societal (health, safety, living standards) and environmental issues in a go.

Now cities, especially in emerging economies, do not have to build infrastructure from scratch and invest billions. WaterHubs for individual neighbourhoods can serve from 5,000 to 50,000 people and expand in a distributed network.

  • WaterHubs can be built on modular blocks enhancing decentralization.
  • WaterHubs for the community.
  • The food module produces food with advanced aeroponics technology making use of irrigation water & nutrients produced within the hub.
  • Community module can include recreational spaces or community services like healthcare , education etc.
  • The energy block makes use of sludge from sewage treatment, organic wastes and renewable energy to produce power and heat.
  • The water module constitutes toilets, showers, laundry and other water related services.
  • A unique integration of ecology, technology and society!
  • Complex material flows in the system are controlled by ICT tools.
  • A network of connected WaterHubs can work either stand-alone or connected to the grid.

Infrastructure where it is most needed.

Few of the many functions that WaterHubs can offer.

Gender separated toilets.
Provision for showers.
Organic waste dumping & processing station.
Employment and business opportunities.
Public kitchen and food provision.
Healthcare services.
Mobile charging station.
Water for potable & non-potable usage.

WaterHubs concept is under development at the Biopolus Institute (non-profit R&D organization), Budapest. We are seeking partners who can support the development and implementation of WaterHubs in varied locations.

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